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Our Customers Say

"Micheal is practically the Father of Accelerated Learning. I just sat his course and literally quadrupled my reading speed in an hour - and I'm already a FAST reader. Absolutely amazing!!"

Bradley Thompson,
Self Development Guru
Best-selling Author of "Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days"

"Thank You, Micheal - this course absolutely opened my eyes! I've at least tripled my reading speed and in just 60 minutes. I went from 300wpm to over 1000wpm. This will REALLY help my editing!"

Karl Moore,
Speaker and Author

"This is not a question, I'm writing to say thank you for the audio course. I was amazed within the first fifteen minutes; I can't believe how I've changed! Really, really, you’ve helped me so much. I'm now at 850wpm!!"

Kates Sims,
Hacourt Designs

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